Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Possible Dream Late Model Cherokee

I have located a 2000 JEEP Cherokee Sport XJ 4x4 with only 120,000 miles in Dallas. In doing a vehicle report it was recently sold at an auto auction to a dealer that runs a truck rental company. Before that it had only one owner in the DFW area. The new seller said it was a trade in and then sold at auction. With one owner for 11 years you would think they took care of it. I will see. Everything else on the report looked good too.
  image 1

Going to drive up and look at it Thursday with a long list of things to check out. If it checks out I will try and make a deal on it.
Wish Me Luck!
image 3


Jim said...

I noticed you dropped by my blog. I've met you guys before out there. I'm hopping to be back out there during spring break. We are supposed to have a big 4-wheeling party then. Maybe see you guys then.

Off Grid R and D said...

We are going the week before spring break, 3/3 - 3/10. No real plans except riding our side x side UTV exploring the Solitario part of TR. We would like to do some evening socializing at the Starlight and Ghost Town Saloon but usually have a decent buzz goin by dark and end up not going anywhere. We didn't do La Kiva last trip which is usually a ritual. Plannin on goin this trip for sure.

Off Grid R and D said...

Not the One!
I took off of work, drove 6 plus hours, using 60 bucks in gas to check out the Gold Jeep. It is not the 'ONE!' It had some problems with a real noisey front end and fluids leaking near the tranny. I will continue the search locally and slowly fix up the 1999 with limited spending.