Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Concentrated Solar Power

I have an old friend, Mark MacDonald, who has started up a business of solar tracking devices; Home Concentrated Solar Power, Home CSP; http://homecsp.com.
He is offering a lot of stuff including single and dual axis tracking controllers as well as temperature-differential controllers, linear actuators, and motor drives.

SolarMEGA1A - Single Axis Tracker
SolarMEGA1A single axis controller

From his site “Recent developments in microprocessors and embedded software technology have allowed the creation low-cost specialized controllers capable of the sophisticated analysis needed to make CSP convenient, practical, and affordable. By combining the latest micro-electronics technology with physics, and astronomy, and applying results to the needs of the home, a truly new paradigm of energy usage is possible.”

There is also info on Solar Boiler Hydronics, Heat Exchangers, Temperature Differential Controllers, and one of his latest endeavor compound parabolic trough project. 
http://homecsp.com has information guides on projects plus a blog. He has some new stuff on a bicycle frame tracker. Although most stuff is too technical for me to totally understand Home Concentrated Solar Power is on the right track for affordable embedded software and electronics products for controlling all aspects of home solar systems.

So check out the solar tracking info and available products at http://homecsp.com.

Friday, April 20, 2012

SOLD 99 Jeep Cherokee XJ

I got a good cash offer on the Jeep and took it. Not what I was asking for it but enough for me to get what I had into it back. Actually have enough profit to take Sandy out to eat, Nice! But not enough for drinks, : (

Sorry to see it go but how many vehicle does one guy need? HAPPY but SAD it is gone.

Now to sell the Caddy then I can get back to Davis Mountains property search and reviewing studying off grid living.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Selling the 99 Cherokee XJ

Well I got slammed a little last post about being off topic. Well to me having a good vehicle is part of living off grid. It may not be solar wind energy info but even living off grid most people need a vehicle.
After much thought I am selling the 99 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport. If it were super cherry with cruise control and no major rust I would probably keep. Being from NY and having 7 owners it is pretty beat for bein in such good shape. What an oxy moron! Note that you shouldn’t look over a vehicle at night in a badly lit parking lot and commit to buy.
I think I can get what I got into it which is a good thing. Sales info and pictures are at http://www.northshorediscgolf.com/1999JC.html.

I am also trying to sell my Cadillac SRX which is just gonna cost to much to maintain, http://www.northshorediscgolf.com/2005SRX.html.
That will leave me with gas suckin Chevy Tahoe. Even with over 200,000 miles I like it, it is comfortable, and can tow my toys whether the 4x4 Buggy or my bike.

To try an please everyone I might start another blog maybe call it Jon’s Bull Shic then it would be hard to get off topic. :)