Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Terlingua Fall Vacation

Plannin our fall trip to our Terlingua place. Sandy, Wally dog, and I will arrive Saturday Nov. 5th for a week. Not even goin near the cookoff. The time changes that night and it always really messes with my body clock. Not being on my regular schedule usually allows me to acclimate better.
No big projects this trip so a lot of ridden the UTV and hopefully visiting new Terlingua friends that I have not meet personally.

Even with no plans the week goes by awfully fast. Sure lookin forward to bein in the tranquil desert doin nothing!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Solar Cookin Ribs

My latest home made solar oven. I used two thin lexan sheets for the window. They have already warped and wrinkled loosing my tight air seal. I have been doin more solar cookin and gettin pretty good with ribs. I got St. Louis style pork rib marinated and rubbed then cool chilled for 30 hours. Solar oven cooked 5 hours and topped off 12 min. on the gas grill.
Didn't do so good on the beans. I soaked less than 1/2 cup of pinto beans overnight which swelled to almost fill my 28 oz. jar. Even after soaking overnight with that much volume they never got soft. Early this summer I was successful with unsoaked beans but it wasn't very many and I cooked them all day.
Check out these solar ribs. I went ahead and put them on the gas grill on high a few minutes each side to get a little char goin and added some sauce.
They were tender juicy and tasted really good. :)