Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Terlingua Fall Vacation

Plannin our fall trip to our Terlingua place. Sandy, Wally dog, and I will arrive Saturday Nov. 5th for a week. Not even goin near the cookoff. The time changes that night and it always really messes with my body clock. Not being on my regular schedule usually allows me to acclimate better.
No big projects this trip so a lot of ridden the UTV and hopefully visiting new Terlingua friends that I have not meet personally.

Even with no plans the week goes by awfully fast. Sure lookin forward to bein in the tranquil desert doin nothing!


SUERTE said...

Thought I was the only guy in Lago Vista that watched far west Texas.


Off Grid R and D said...

You would not believe how much I keep up with west Texas. I check weather several times a week. Keep up with several blogs and facebook friends along with checkin property sales in the Davis Mountains. Kinda addicted to it like some people with porn.
So lookin forward to our fall trip!