Monday, March 19, 2012

Jeep Cherokee Gremlins

Went out last week and the key fob remote did not work on the 99 Jeep Cherokee. After investigating when pushing the unlock / lock buttons their was clicking under dash meaning the remote was working. I started the Jeep for a few seconds and tried again, Nothing! A couple of days later I went back out and the keyless entry still wasn’t working. The power lock switch on the driver’s side did the same thing, click but no movement on the lock switches. I went around to the passenger’s side to listen for the clicking and track down the relays and the switch on the passenger’s door worked. I then tested the remote entry and it worked along with the driver’s side switch. Figured I would start it and let a run and test again. Well it started but the fan belt was really screaming not turning at all, Bummer! I spent a while trying to find which pulley was the one to loosen to get the belt off with no luck. Checkin out the web I found some info and a diagram for the serpentine belt. The diagram did not match my engine so I drew my own. I got the belt loose enough to determine the alternator was seized up. I guess that is better than the AC compressor, power steering pump, or the water pump. It took lookin for a lot tools, (who the hell has and uses a 15mm wrench, Jeep owners obviously), a lot of cussin, and one busted knuckle and I had the bad one out.
Shoppin around I found a rebuilt alternator for $125 with core exchange.
With all this goin on my 05 Cadillac SRX’s battery needed replacing. Callin around all batteries for that are $169 plus tax. Damnit Jim! That’s a lot o money for a car battery.
Anywho after a trip to Cedar Park and spending $320 plus I had a new Caddy battery and Cherokee alternator. The alternator is a tight fit to get into place but I got it in, the belt put back on, and it running again. Yeah!!
I also have done a ton o research on the web about the ‘airbag’ light being on. After hours of reading I determined it was probably the clock spring. I purchased a used clock spring on ebay and printed out steps with images from cherokeeforum. I spent about an hour, there again a lot of time lookin for tools, I had the old one out and the new one. Started her up and the airbag light went off, Yeah!!, but then it came back on. SOB!!
Now I have another few hours reading forums and internet info and nothing definite on diagnosis and repair. I sure don’t want to pay the dealer.
Well I’m the one that wanted a Jeep Cherokee!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Terlingua Visit / New Old Tahoe

From my last post and comment I did not buy the gold jeep in Dallas. It has some major front end noise, a constant same pitched hum probably in the front drive.
Work has kept me real busy but pays the bills so a delay in posting.
Since then I bought a 2002 Chevy Tahoe for towing the buggy.
image 0

While lookin at at the Tahoe at a small time car dealer in Waco he said I should have no problem getting my money back on the 99 Jeep we drove up there. While there the sales guy got a phone call and said "You a bettin Man? I bet this is a call from Austin on one of my Tahoes". It was a call asking how much our Jeep Cherokee, parked on the street, was sellin for. Funny!

We took the Tahoe on our Spring Terlingua week long trip and it ran great suckin the gas like a 350 does. Sure a lot of them on the highways suckin down the fuel. J
We enjoyed out trip although a little cool at night and of course the almost never ending wind of west Texas. Just hangin at our place in the evenings was nice.
Sunrise over the Chisos last week.

Moon rise sunset over Big Big National Park.
 We did some buggy riding exploring in the Solitario. Sure a lot of nothin for miles and miles but we sure enjoyed it.

I ended up selling the Terlingua 1992 Jeep Cherokee to Ring Huggins of Many Stones.  He got a good deal for $1,200.
Wow know I only have 5 vehicles counting the buggy and the bike.
Is that to many?!  J