Thursday, March 15, 2012

Terlingua Visit / New Old Tahoe

From my last post and comment I did not buy the gold jeep in Dallas. It has some major front end noise, a constant same pitched hum probably in the front drive.
Work has kept me real busy but pays the bills so a delay in posting.
Since then I bought a 2002 Chevy Tahoe for towing the buggy.
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While lookin at at the Tahoe at a small time car dealer in Waco he said I should have no problem getting my money back on the 99 Jeep we drove up there. While there the sales guy got a phone call and said "You a bettin Man? I bet this is a call from Austin on one of my Tahoes". It was a call asking how much our Jeep Cherokee, parked on the street, was sellin for. Funny!

We took the Tahoe on our Spring Terlingua week long trip and it ran great suckin the gas like a 350 does. Sure a lot of them on the highways suckin down the fuel. J
We enjoyed out trip although a little cool at night and of course the almost never ending wind of west Texas. Just hangin at our place in the evenings was nice.
Sunrise over the Chisos last week.

Moon rise sunset over Big Big National Park.
 We did some buggy riding exploring in the Solitario. Sure a lot of nothin for miles and miles but we sure enjoyed it.

I ended up selling the Terlingua 1992 Jeep Cherokee to Ring Huggins of Many Stones.  He got a good deal for $1,200.
Wow know I only have 5 vehicles counting the buggy and the bike.
Is that to many?!  J

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