Monday, July 18, 2011


In talking with Jon Blackmon he suggested checkin out the Davis Mountains area for tolerable weather while researching retirement. Hottest month is June with an average high of 91. The hottest low month is July at 61. Well compared to Terlingua / Big Bend and most of the rest of Texas it is like bein up in Colorado or somewhere.
With my old azz not able to stand the heat more and more every year it is something to really thing about. Of course you got restrictions, government, higher taxes and other things that go with more populated areas but you can go outside and do something most all year not having to huddle out of the intense sun. Oh yeah, did I mention there are trees which produce shade for those that have forgotten.

Property is not cheap. I am finding asking price is about twice or more the appraised tax value but isn’t it like that in most places?
Terlingua / Big Bend definitely has its beauty, magic, and character especially with its Characters and places.
Just thinkin out loud here, Although I wanna do a lot of layin around relaxing when I retire I do not want to be forced to stay inside out of the death rays of the sun prayin for rain so I can run my swamp cooler and take an occasional shower.
I am sure the hard core off griders will disapprove of me callin me a quitter for givin up the total off grid life but I am just researching. Go ahead let me have it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Plan for Now

I am looking into building a 600 sq. ft. house with the west and north sides being earthbag walls buried to at least 6 feet into the side of a hill hoping to get the earths thermal mass heating and cooling. No sun ever on 2 walls. That has gotta make the place cooler. Except for extensive labor you can't bet the price. Plan on having at least two large water tanks mostly buried with my battery power supply box between the tanks hopefully keeping things cool.
This will give me my nice view of the Chisos out the east side which will be a large covered patio. Check out pictures of my existing place and views from my place at

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My First Post

Welcome! This is my first blog entry. I mainly joined so I can commment on blogs I follow. Hopefully I will be adding interesting updates, links, and tips to living off the grid. This picture is from my place in the Solitario portion of Terlingua a few mlies north of the ghost town area.