Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Selling the 99 Cherokee XJ

Well I got slammed a little last post about being off topic. Well to me having a good vehicle is part of living off grid. It may not be solar wind energy info but even living off grid most people need a vehicle.
After much thought I am selling the 99 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport. If it were super cherry with cruise control and no major rust I would probably keep. Being from NY and having 7 owners it is pretty beat for bein in such good shape. What an oxy moron! Note that you shouldn’t look over a vehicle at night in a badly lit parking lot and commit to buy.
I think I can get what I got into it which is a good thing. Sales info and pictures are at

I am also trying to sell my Cadillac SRX which is just gonna cost to much to maintain,
That will leave me with gas suckin Chevy Tahoe. Even with over 200,000 miles I like it, it is comfortable, and can tow my toys whether the 4x4 Buggy or my bike.

To try an please everyone I might start another blog maybe call it Jon’s Bull Shic then it would be hard to get off topic. :)

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