Friday, February 10, 2012

New Old Jeep Cherokee Update

Well I had already paid a little down on the Jeep before picking it up and before gettin a vehicle report done. It turns out it was originally sold in Seneca Falls, NY and was there until 6/02 when it went to Culpeper, VA. In 12/01 there is a reported ‘COLLISION WITH A FIXED OBJECT (GUARDRAIL)’ and was then sold at auction 5/02. It finally made it to Texas in 5/09.
The previous owner had put on new shocks and nice Goodyear Wrangler tires along with new plugs, plug wires, and cap. Upon future inspection the RR shock was not connected on top. One of the bolts had been sheared off. I assume this was done when installing the new shocks and they figured one bolt would hold it. One hour at my local repair shop and they drilled it out and replaced the bolt. The mechanic said he figured it was from the coast or up north. The chassis looks good but other things show rust and I know most nuts and bolts are rusted shut.
It has a clunk over bumps in the front so I am figuring ball joints and wheel bearings. Estimate on upper and lower ball joints is $1,600. Ouch! Not sure I wanna spend that yet if I might be sellin it.
I am going to still piddle around with fixin it up without trying to spendin to much money, Yeah Right! In the mean time I will continue to look for the dream late model Cherokee; 1 owner with less than a 100K from southern Arizona or NM. A guy can dream right? You never know it might happen. At least I am learnin what to look for in a Jeep Cherokee XJ 4x4.


SUERTE said...

Why are you stuck on a Jeep?
Consider a crew cab Ford F-150 that gets 22 mph on the highway, and you can tow just about anything you want to.

Off Grid R and D said...

The Jeep has a stigma of being a JEEP and it has the 4.0 inline bullet proof 6 cylinder engine. Plus 14 years of basicially the same vehicle. Very dependable with lower repair costs and available parts.
No offense but never been a Ford fan. I have had some good Ford company trucks and some not so good Ford company trucks.
Don't really want a larger vehicle for my daily driver.
I guess just a personal preference thing.
The JEEP Cherokee XJ 4x4 is a bad azz little vehicle.