Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jeep XJ Towing Capabilities?

Kinda having second thoughts after researching the XJ's towing capabilities. I have a 12’ single axle trailer and a side by side UTV that we tow from Austin to Terlingua; out in the fall and back in the spring. I am researching forums on how reliable the XJ is at towing. It has the torque of my current vehicle but not the horsepower and it is not the best tow vehicle anyway. Don't want to wear it out before retiring.
Any experienced XJ owners that tow with it let me know your thoughts.


Terry said...

We don't have an XJ, but we have a Jeep Liberty. It is rated for towing 5000 lbs.

We recently bought a travel trailer that was 3500 empty weight. We travel light, so thought it would be ok... Even after installing a weight distribution hitch, we felt like the Liberty was all over the road when towing the trailer.

To make a long story short, we ended up buying a bigger truck. Now everything is great. All I can say is, don't always go by what the towing limits say on the actual vehicle.

We took our truck and trailer down to our property in Terlingua over Thanks Giving, and had a great trip. Very safe despite high winds, etc.

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