Thursday, September 8, 2011

Davis Mountains Resort Visit

Sandy, Wally, and I enjoyed our trip to the Davis Mountains. Goin Saturday comin home Monday was kinda quick. Know I need time off to recuperate. :)
Saw a lot of property in the Davis Mountains Resort. The roads are all dirt and mostly single lane 4x4 roads. Terlingua’s Solitario roads are good compared to some of them. We did find one tract that we like for having good views, blocking the summer afternoon sun, protected on the north, and getting some winter sun, elevation 5800’. Photo is a view from building site lookin south.

We stopped at the Davis Mountains Resort Country Store and everything was 50% off everything. It was their last day to be open. So now to even get ice or beer it is 10 miles plus of dirt roads then another 11 miles to Fort Davis. Bummer.
Although I gotta have the cooler retirement weather than BB it is hard for me to justify 5 acres in the Davis Mountains costing more than my 40 acres north of the Ghost town. With the trees and elevation changes you can be pretty isolated on 5 acres.
To run electric it is around $14 a foot so unless building right on the road that adds up real quick. Sure wish batteries for off grid had a longer life.
I have a local guy going to do an estimate to cut in a driveway and do a septic install. Code is 750 gallon minimum septic tank. Ouch! I just got my copy of the ‘Humanure Handbook’. $7,000 to 9,000 for a septic system makes me think I can sure do humanure composting. Now I gotta sell the idea to Sandy or she better start saving for septic. I know humanure composting would save big time on water usage.
I am trying to look at all angles and costs before buying property but am still leanin towards the Davis Mountains for retirement.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. The roads sound too bad to freight in a pre-fab house of any size? I understand there are 4 species of rattlesnake in the Davis Mountains, risk of forest fires, and you are responsible for removing your own trash from the Resort. That said, a water harvesting system on your roof plus filtration plus a water holding tank might be cheaper than drilling a well.
Did you decide to retire here?

Jon P said...

A professional could probably get a mobile home to most properties.
Most all of west Texas has several species of rattle snakes.
Since this post there were forest fires and a terrible pine beetle infestation.
They do have a trash location that you pay to share a small dumpster with other property owners.
You can purchase water from the Resort but yes water catchment is what a lot of residents do. Definitely cheaper than drilling a well.
Because of many factors including lengthy bad roads, forest fires, pine beetle infestation I have decided not be retiring here. It is still a possibility of having a summer vacation place because of the cool weather.