Monday, September 19, 2011

Davis Mnts. Driveway Work Estimate

I got an estimate from a guy in the Davis Mountains Resort to cut me in a driveway and culvert install on the tract of land for sale that I like;
An 18” x 20’ culvert itself is around $500 and to install it and cut a 200’ plus driveway is another $600, so a minimum of $1100 for a driveway. I thought it would be lot less but didn’t really think about cost and delivery of the culvert. I have another suppose to look at it and get back to me.
He did say the tract had an area of better soil than most tracts and a septic would be $6500 to $7500. It still sounds like composting is the way to go plus saves precious water.
I like the tract I found but for 5.5 acres only about 1 acre is buildable which makes it kinda tight for what I want to do. Wanting to be able to build with a partial passive solar design has been a major concern in looking at Davis Mountains property.
I am really stugglin with trying to like the Davis Mountains comparatively to Terlingua / Big Bend. Although it is beautiful in the mountains with trees and grass it doesn’t have that awe inspiring feelin or character of the desert. You Terlingua residences know what I mean. I guess a silhouette of the Chisos is etched upon my heart.
I am still considering the tract and lookin at others but not overwhelmed or convinced on anything yet. Hopefully I will find an excellent Davis Mountains retirement property.


frann said...

Good Luck! It is very pretty there just more expensive.

Off Grid R and D said...

Way More Expensive for property. Another good thing is you can have a fairly private place with 5 or 6 acres.

Dome Dude said...

Sounds awful expensive for a septic. Unless VERY remote or rock to dig in. could get a 1K gal & digging for half that here.

Off Grid R and D said...

It is pretty remote with rough roads and very rocky. Also a lot of clay soil so any drain line material is hauled in. If less than I think 20 acres you have to get a permit and certified installer for a septic which translates to $$.
Definitely not Terlingua, Dig a hole, put in a 55 gallon drum, and run a few feet of drain and your done.
Leanin toward humanure composting. Just gotta get Sandy sold on it.