Sunday, August 14, 2016

WOW! A whole year + without a post.
I'm still researching, planning, and scheming. Thinkin and researchin building options types for cost efficiency and insulation properties.
How big do I need? How much solar and batteries? 12V or 24V? What is the best cheapest ceiling roof insulation?
Suggestions and comments appreciated!

AGE!!! What a bitch!... can’t fight it but sure beats the alternative. Really makes me admire people like John Wells, Frann, tffnguy, and others.
I am trying to eat better and exercise more which at least makes me feel better about doin it.

My business is makin me a living with some good weeks and some not so good weeks… Defiantly not makin enough to do any saving.
Posting links again for the search engine:
Air Oasis UV PCO air sanitizers;
Dust Free Bio-Fighter UV light systems and replacement UV bulbs; 

Peace Out! :)

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